Here is a selection of my reported service pieces and personal essays about online relationships, apps, and sex tech.

Elite Daily | 17 Sexts To Send Before Having FaceTime Sex With Your Partner

Elite Daily | 25 Black Love Instagram Captions For Photos With Your Partner

Elite Daily | Here’s How To Have Safe FaceTime Sex So You Can Fully Relax | Interviewed cybersecurity professional Alison Falk, sexologist Gigi Engle, and sex therapist Chris Donaghue

Elite Daily | Here’s How @BalancedLes Is Helping Women Of Color Prioritize Self-Care | Interviewed podcaster and wellness advocate Lestraundra Alfred

Elite Daily | 15 Flirty Questions To Text Your Crush When You Want To Spark A Convo

Elite Daily | 26 Dating App Messages To Send If You’re Eager To Start Sexting

Elite Daily | 10 Sex Experts On Instagram To Follow ASAP

Elite Daily | 10 Expensive Sex Toys That Are Worth The Splurge

Elite Daily | Should You Give Them A Second Chance After Ghosting You? Experts Say Maybe | Interviewed Akua Genfi, licensed mental health counselor and co-host of sex and dating podcast Inner Hoe Uprising

Elite Daily | 15 Flirty Texts To Send After Sex That’ll Get Your Partner Riled Up

Elite Daily | Astrology Impacts Dating More Than You’d Expect — Even For Non-Believers | Interviewed astrologers Annabel Gat, Chani Nicholas, and Jeanna Kadlec, as well as life coach Stephanie Gailing

Elite Daily | Astronaut Jessica Watkins Is Ready To Join The Most Exclusive Club Above Earth | Interviewed NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins

Elite Daily | Do You, A New Erotica App, Helps You Chose Your Own Sexual Adventure | Interviewed Do You co-founders Meli Chamorro and Elayne Safir, as well as certified sexologist Michelle Hope and Bedside podcast host Tatianna Fogt

Elite Daily | 15 Messages To Slide Into Someone’s DMs & Let Them Know You’re Crushing

Elite Daily | 17 BDSM-Themed Texts That’ll Give Your Partner A Kinky Thrill

Elite Daily | OkCupid’s LGBTQ Dating Questions Are All About Sparking Queer Connection | Interviewed Michael Kaye, OkCupid’s Global Communications Manager

Elite Daily | 16 Texts To Send When You’re Horny & You Get To See Your Partner Later

Elite Daily | 15 Sexy Texts To Send Your Partner When They’re Stressed That’ll Turn You Both On

Elite Daily | 9 Best Vibrators for Beginners, Because Everyone Starts Somewhere 

Elite Daily | 27 Sexy Instagram Captions For Those Pics Where You KNOW You Look Good

Elite Daily | 21 Sexy Opening Lines To Send On Tinder When You Just Wanna Hook Up

Elite Daily | 7 Rejection Texts To Send If You Want To Be Friends After A Date That Lacked Romantic Chemistry

Elite Daily | 17 Instagram Captions For Rainbow Makeup During Pride Month That Are So Your Aesthetic

Elite Daily | Here’s The Sex Toy You Should Try, Based On Your Relationship Status

Elite Daily | Are Dating Apps Just For Hookups? Here’s What You Need To Know

Elite Daily | How Many Texts Can You Send Before Looking Clingy? A Study Found The Exact Number

Elite Daily | Tinder’s Video Of James & Amanda’s First Date Will Give You Butterflies | Interviewed Tinder’s Senior Director of Content Kelsey Blodget

Elite Daily | The Psychology Behind Sexting Reveals Exactly Why It’s So Addicting | Interviewed researcher, online relationship expert and Purdue University Fort Wayne psychology professor Dr. Michelle Drouin

Elite Daily | 5 Sex Toys That Don’t Look Like Penises, Because That’s Not Everyone’s Jam | Interviewed Sweet Vibrations’ Kate Kelly, How Cum podcast host Remy Kassimir, sex toy and self-care company Nox Shop CEO Amy Johnson, and crystal sex toy company Chakrubs CEO Vanessa Cuccia

Elite Daily | If Your Friend With Benefits Doesn’t Text Back, Here’s Exactly What To Do

Elite Daily | What Is FaceTime Sex? For Starters, It’s The Hottest Thing You Can Do On An iPhone | Interviewed Talk Tabú CEO and founder Mia Davis, sex educator Sx Noir, Wild Flower CEO and co-founder Amy Boyajian, and IG sex educator Molly-Margaret Johnson of @whatswrongwithmyvagina

Elite Daily | Here’s The Truth About Archiving Versus Deleting Photos Of Your Ex On Instagram | Interviewed sex and relationship therapist Todd Baratz and Elle Huerta, CEO of breakup app Mend

Elite Daily | Roadie, A Service For Exchanging Items Post-Breakup, Means No More Awkward Convos With Your Ex | Interviewed Jamie Gottlieb, Roadie Content + Communications Manger

Elite Daily | Intimate Valentine’s Day Dates In Long-Distance Relationships Are Possible & Here’s How Mine Went

Elite Daily | I Tried the Desire App with My Girlfriend As A Part of Our Resolution for A Sexier 2019

Elite Daily |Tumblr’s NSFW Content Ban May Do More Harm Than Good & Here’s Why

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