Feeling the love at SU London’s End of the Semester Awards

I’ve had many good, great and even excellent days while studying abroad. But today was an absolutely monumental day. And I don’t say that lightly.

After spending the morning getting mad about Menenius Agrippa gaslighting plebeians in “Coriolanus,” I headed down to the auditorium for SU London’s End of Semester Awards.

As soon as I stepped in, I was hit with the overwhelming familiar and inviting atmosphere of an SU London event: all of my favourite SUL people were downstairs mingling over a delicious vegetarian lunch from Cashew Catering (the same food vendor from ClimateKeys).

It wasn’t long before the awards started and I found myself beaming. I knew and adored just about everyone shortlisted for each award. I saw my flatmates David, Sabrina, Arezo and Manny up there. Manny snagged an award.

Manny Zapata.JPG
Manny hugging Jovita, because he’s the purest kid ever

There were the politics + the media homies, like Jillian and Veronica and Kenzie. They snagged awards. Kate also won for her London vlogs.

The A1’s since Day 1, Minji and Haley and Hope and Yvonne, also won awards. Sara did, too, for her endless internship hustle.

Haley Kim 2.jpg
You can read Haley’s article on SU’s relationship with Lockerbie, Scotland in the years after the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing here.
Hope Meltser.JPG
Hope receiving her award
Yvonne Lu.JPG
Yvonne receiving hers

Jason and Andre and Ibi, too.

Jason + Andre.JPG
Andre and Jason, a.k.a. the dream team, a.k.a a dynamic duo
Ibi Lagundoye.JPG
You can read about Ibi’s adventures in Paris, Edinburgh and Copenhagen (in the blog post she was recognized for) here.

I just felt like a proud mother! I could feel my chest about to burst with love for all of wonderful and talented people I’m surrounded by in my program.

On another note, I also won three awards: the Future Professional Award, the Social + Political Award and Nine Stamps in a Single Category.




And honestly, I can’t be more humbled. I’ve made honor rolls and dean’s lists, but I have never won an award for my journalism. This is a remarkable “first” for me and it just means so much.

I work hard on my posts, because there is a certain written and visual standard I hold myself to having worked at The Daily Orange. But it is always so exhilarating and rewarding every time someone comes up to me to tell me that they enjoy this blog.

Receiving these three awards today in front of SUL’s staff, faculty and students was that warm, heart-expanding feeling, magnified. I just get so incredibly happy that what I do genuinely helps people and enriches their lives.

It was literally all I could do to push those tears back into their ducts, because I get so emotional about it. Y’all really didn’t want to need to see me ugly-cry this foundation and highlighter off.


A small, proud, brown angel receiving her award

It never gets old to me. You will never catch me jaded at the idea that people actually read my writing and are genuinely amused or educated or moved by it. Being reminded of that fact fills me with wonder and joy every single time.

So, for that, I want to say thank you. To you, who’s reading this right now. Thank you to the people at home who read the blog and message me about it. Thank you to the kind blogger friends I’m making, who give me helpful feedback through Facebook comments and Twitter replies and private messages. Thank you to the people at SU London, who have made this semester so incredible in every way.

London is fine, but it’s really all of you who have made this period of my life and this experiment called Petit Ange Brun really worth it.



By Caroline Colvin

Black retro-obsessed non-binary baddie ♡ pleasure & wellness advocate ♡ aesthetic archivist ♡

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