Prepping for the Scottish downpour

As mentioned yesterday, Scotland is on the weekend itinerary. Rain or shine. With Ophelia in full swing and Scotland due for statistically low temperatures, it’s looking like more rain than shine. Add an extra dose of cold and stormy autumn weather.

After attending our pre-departure meeting, I decided to make a Primark run. Primark is quickly establishing itself as my go-to for travel prep lately.

Here are four key items I bought to help me stay warm and stay prepared for what this weekend has in store.

1. A soft sweater

Primark sweater: £13

Whether it’s the power nap on the train or the tours we’ll embark on, my priority is being both cute and cosy. (Yes, cosy with an “s!”) Out of all of the colours and textures offered at Primark, I liked the plum and the velvety chenille best.

2. A baby backpack

Primark backpack: £9

Coming to London, all I brought with me was a suitcase, a big ol’ Herschel backpack and a bucket bag. I later added a canvas tote from UCL’s Welcome Fair to my luggage line-up.

Still, none of these would be appropriate to bring with me on Saturday’s hike. So, I thought I’d add a tiny backpack to the mix as well.

3. A hardcore hat
These days, my hair hangs around my head like a big Renaissance halo. Which is just a poetic of way of pointing out that normally, my head is too big for most hats.

Cable-knit hats, woven, with a puff,  without a puff, feathered, embroidered, bedazzled: I spent at least a good 10 minutes trying on all kinds of hats. Next to the people frantically assessing different scarves and mittens, I felt like I was putting on a fashion show of one.

Primark hat: £3

Alas, I went with this one. I’ve seen a fair share of pierced and grommeted hats these days, so looks like this bad boy has a socially acceptable dash of edge. Plus, it keeps my ears warm. It’s a keeper.

4. Some sturdy(ish) shoes
Since we’re going to be hiking, I needed some shoes with more grip than my Puma sneakers. Finding some shoes that fit this description in my price range, let alone at fashion-focused Primark, was the most arduous part of the trip.

Primark shoes: £10

To be frank, the selection was already slim to begin with in terms of functionality.

These shoes ended up being the best pick: they are straight-forward, they have a textured sole to prevent slipping and they are a hell of a lot more water-resistant than any mesh or canvas or velvet sneaker Primark had to offer.

I’m looking forward to breaking them over the next few days to prepare for this weekend’s happenings in Edinburgh.

By Caroline Colvin

Black retro-obsessed non-binary baddie ♡ pleasure & wellness advocate ♡ aesthetic archivist ♡

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